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🌈💐🌻🌺🌹🌻💐🌷🌺🌈Jen🌈💐🌻🌺🌹🌻💐🌷🌺🌈 Dershmender 💐🌻🌺🌹🌻💐🌷🌺🐶笛🌈💐🌻🌺🌹🌻💐🌷🌺🌈
2024-05-19 01:02:35 UTC

"I think we should destroy every last fucking mosque in America." -
"Checkmate, DoW #1" <***@The.Edge> proves for us that white
males are violent in Message-ID:

"Yeah, but you think everybody's Greg. There are a couple people here who
can't resist responding to everything the aSSwurm or the Pussy Willow
says. It does me no good to plonk aSSwurm and Pussy Willow if I still
have to wade through a hundred inane posts a day involving those two
assholes, so now I've plonked the chronic responders as well. They'll
figure it out, and then they can make a choice... exchange stupid drivel
with those two, or have more intelligent and interesting conversations
with me. I know damned well Greg got sick of all that shit, and now I'm
sick of it too. Those who choose to get led around by the lowest common
denominator are fucking up AC and every other group they play that game
in. If that's the kind of Usenet they want, they can wallow in the same
slop as the two retards elsewhere, because they're only contributing to
fucking this group up too. I can take or leave this shit, because I have
plenty to keep me occupied with my room addition project, and it's a hell
of a lot more rewarding than exchanging baby talk with the likes of the
aSSwurm. May his fucking worthless AIDS-infested carcass drop fucking
dead ASAP and quit wasting oxygen. To sum it up, talk to those two idiots
elsewhere, or they'll probably be the only people left to talk to here."
One can only presume that Jim and Creon/Vallor have solved this problem
and are together in a private chat "having more intelligent and
interesting conversations" instead of these "Civil" calls for shunning
and authoritative control of discussion. As Seen on TV :

"I'm pretty sure all gods are fictional, I'm smart enough to not proclaim
I know this." - Kwills is only smart enough to doubt himself while
arguing that a belief in imaginary made-up gods can't just be ignored as
"mental illness" in <***@4ax.com>

"If you worried half as much about your own personal life as you do
everyone else's, you might almost be tolerable, obsessed stalker." -James
"Checkmate" Gorman, in perhaps the most ironic and mentally-challenged
statement ever made on Usenet.

"Trying to diminish others doesn't make you look any better. In fact, it
does quite the opposite. Why are you always so bitter and angry? Do you
have AIDS or something like so many other tranny girls do?" -James
"Checkmate" Gorman in <***@test.blocknews.net>

"You should see my archive on you" -James "Checkmate" Gorman teases us
with his "dosser" in <***@usnews.blocknews.net>

"Sorry, nothing to see here. The joint wasn't as bad as they say, but I'm
not looking to go back. I'm a model citizen, clean as a whistle. I've
owned my own home for 12 years, owned my own business almost as long,
don't bother anyone and they don't bother me. You have nothing in any
"police report" pertaining to me. Don't you think they would have "come
a-knockin" a long time ago if they had any reason to? You're delusional
and paranoid, and I have to wonder why.

Oh... I should mention that there are a LOT of trannies in prison. I
don't know why, but there are. The State even has to give them hormone
shots for their tiddies at taxpayer's expense, and they wear bras and
panties. I found everything about them revolting. That's why the whole
"Bubba" thing is almost completely a myth, except in cell living. That
shit wouldn't fly in a 100-man dorm, but trust me, those little trollops
find ways to serve the willing when the lights go out. You see something,
you keep your mouth shut about it because that way you don't get in a
wreck. I never partook in such activities because the whole idea is just
repulsive. I think that's a big part of what I don't like about you. I've
seen how they act and I've talked to a few... total drama queens in every
sense." -James "Checkmate" Gorman reminisces about prison in

"Not true. I've seen square waves on the oscilloscope from some certain
generator. Square waves can be created from other than sine waves. Sine
waves aren't everything (or anything you sick pervert %), I think that's
the point you are missing. - Mathemagician "Lane Larson" in <939d6741-
df96-5f2e-a444-***@stoat.inhoin.edu> seems to argue that square
wave generators must use Fourier transforms "of course" to generate
"almost" square waves... in his feeble attempt to quash my assertion that
"square waves do not exist in reality" in post <=3D?U=3D?UTF-8?Q?T?=3DF-

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Post by 🌈💐🌻🌺🌹🌻💐🌷🌺🌈Jen🌈💐🌻🌺🌹🌻💐🌷🌺🌈 Dershmender 💐🌻🌺🌹🌻💐🌷🌺🐶笛🌈💐🌻🌺🌹🌻💐🌷🌺🌈